"Christian Service Brigade is the men of the local church reaching out to the boys in their neighbourhood for Christ."

Friday, 11 December 2015

WELCOME to CSB CANADA’S First Edition of The TORCH

We have been looking forward to this day, and for the first time we are communicating with you, the leader, pastor, parent, alumnus, supporter or friend, through a regularly scheduled electronic newsletter. In times past, CSB Canada had The Torch Runner and Brigade Leader. Our title “The Torch” draws from one of our founding symbols which reminds us to shine Bright for Christ.
There are many good things going on within our ministry that we’d like to share with you. We are about to go public with a new website which includes the online CSB Store where churches and leaders can purchase all of the resources they need for CSB. There is important information telling of how CSB is moving to the far horizon and expanding God’s Kingdom one boy at a time. There are ways listed showing how to support this ministry with time, talent or finances. The new website includes information and tools to help churches who are looking for a ministry that their men can engage with to impact the next generations for Christ, and help them become godly leaders of today and tomorrow.
We expect this newsletter to be something that will build you as a leader as you work with the fellows in your group helping them become godly men. We have developed a whole new set of Stockade Guide Books, both for the boys and the leaders. They provide many more action-packed choices and Bible-based ideas. More are in development. Check them out. We have started developing new Battalion resources.
This newsletter also includes details of a more cost-effective approach of the Annual Registration Process for churches who are partnered with us in ministry. There are couple of articles about some special men who have impacted not just their own churches, but also their communities and the world.
Our plan is to publish The Torch every two months to keep you up to date on what the Lord is doing through this ministry across Canada. If you have ideas for future articles, we would like to hear from you. Also, we need your help in increasing the number of people who receive this newsletter. All the leaders in your church should receive it. You can ensure that happens by sending their e-mail addresses to us at
We wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and the Lord’s best in 2016.

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  1. I am looking forward to this newsletter. CSB Canada has seemed to be missing communicating with all of those involved in a national way. Individual connections to Area Rep's are fine but those men can't always let everyone in their region know what is happening across the country. Keep it up.